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VW T5/6 Rear Triple Folding Bench Seat with head-rests. The fabric is Grey Timo and in really good condition - there's one small hole in the weave (see photos) and some marks on the vinyl back, but other than that this looks quite new. Fold Can fold flat to work as part of a bed-base. Price £400

I also made a simple but effective bed base from 12mm ply with screw-on legs which is cut to fit the rear of a long-wheel-base van - it acts as a great storage divider in the back with the seat up and combines to make a bed-base when it's folded down - I can include this for a further £80 if required (It's simple but took a while to source the bits and make it fit so price is fair).
Message me for any more deets or photos. Cheers

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