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Wanted! Bits for T4 !!plus courier Kent to Stoke on Trent and return!!

As post says for a 1996 SWB 800 special
White Bonnet in good condition, mine has stone chips and a little dented so would like a clean canvus!
Debadged Grill - as a pidgeon decided to take out my VW Badge and took it with him! :*
Would be great if you have the whole front panel the grill fits into as mine has stone chips and is looking rough! :(

Also a pair of white wing mirrors or just a n/s plastic wing mirror to replace a taped up cracked one!

And also a decent bottom roller for sliding door would be nice

Finally a steering couling that has the long piece at the bottom. not the short one as i have found out by buying the short 1! available if anyone wants it for £20 posted or i could drop it off for £15 if you are on way to stoke!

Items close to Kent would be best for larger items or i am travelling up to stoke on trent on the 10th or 11th of sept and back on 13th if you are on route i could pick up!

Let me know what you have with price or PM me!

As i am travelling from Dover in Kent to Stoke on Trent, i am available to pick up bits and drop bits off on way as courier if you need me? T:
pm me with destinations and pick ups and ill see what i can do!

Thanks People! T:
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