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well we have a watersports event happening run by the local council , there was a kite festival earlier in the year and they jumped on the band wagon . they have been in talks with the local watersports clubs and of course hangtime kitesports have asked us to turn up again as vw's are the number one van for people who do outdoor activities .
we have been asked to put on some kind of stand with a line up , with a promise of some toilets in the carpark and maybe even a spot on the lower walk infront of the kites shop .
it would be nice to see a few vans here for the day . but of course the carpark is an ideal spot to camp over night , check out the regional meets section for fylde coasters/[email protected] for more info .
we hope you come along and remember its at the beach so bring the kids and the dog .
hangtime kite shop carpark
the eaerlier the better
fleetwood , lancs
1 - 2 of 2 Posts