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Welcome to the VWT4 Forum.

First an explanation of our history and development.

The T4forum was created by J Young in October 2005, the idea for the T4 forum came about during Vanfest in the Summer of 2005, whilst camped with some friends who were also T4's owners and, sitting round the BBQ, with a few beers, the discussion came about how the group could stay in touch and discuss our experience with our Vans.

Jimbo suggested "I could start a T4 Forum!”

From the outset the VWT4 forum was created and designed to allow a small likeminded group of friends to stay in touch with each other and discuss the merits and uses that each intended to put their Vw T4's to and discuss any technical issues or modifications that they intended to carry out and arrange to meet up and have a beer and a BBQ.

Since the original idea the T4forum has gone from strength to strength.

The T4 has become the preferred vehicle of choice for Surfers, Campers, Canoeist , Kayakers, Wind Surfers, Climbers, Mountain Bikers & families and the growth of the home pc market and the interaction of web search engines meant that the T4 forum was soon found by a wider unrepresented section of the Vw community who applied to join this small group of friends.

By October 2007 the VWT4 forum had grown to over 4,000 members and funded by contributions by friends of the T4 forum, a new server and forum software was procured.

The forum has stayed true to the initial idea :and the original ethos is an inherent part of the forum community!

The forum is still growing and developing but the idea worked: it has allowed a few like minded people to stay in touch and meet up socially and is continuing to do so.

The VWT4 forum is now being recognised in the wider VW community and was awarded the Best Owners Club at Dubs At The Beach in Paignton in 2007 and attended Vanfest 2007 with a community of over 100 vans including a contingent of T4 owners from the Weetjewel T4 community in Holland.

See the Video one our Members put together VANFEST

The Forum has a presence at many of the major shows and recently attended Brighton Breeze and Internation Bus Treffen in Hannover celebrating 60 years of the Transporter.

The T4 forum is an inclusive group of friends & like minded people who choose to interact via the internet and meet up for regional meetings, camping and show events.

A strong community sense is an inherent part of the T4 forum.

The forum is funded by subscriptions from our members, traders and through advertising.

You are welcome to use the T4 forum as our guest and view and take part in our social and chat areas, see the galleries and view our technical forums, if you wish to subscribe and fully take part in our forum life details are available on the paid subscriptions page

Registered User / Guest: Free

This is the introduction to the VWT4 forum and is to allow new members the opportunity to sample the atmoshere of the forum and see the technical knowledge/ advice that the forum contains.

A Registered User / Guest can view the items for sale by members and respond to posts offering items for sale but cannot post items in the For Sale Forum.

T4 Forum Member: £10.00 per annum

This gives complete access to the Chat and Social forums and the Technical forums and allows members to post articles for sale or respond to post offering items for sale.

T4 Trade Member: £20.00 per month

Exclusive access to the trade forum where you are welcome to offer new items for sale and advertise directly to the Membership of the T4 forum.
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