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Hello & Welcome to the VWT4 Forum!

The Uk's largest dedicated, online, VWT4 community!

We are very happy to have new VWT4 Forum members & T4 owners or potential owners joining our forum.

In order to get the most from the VWT4 Forum please follow the new member guides!

If a post is at the top of a forum by the VWT4 team we would appreciate it if you read these, as these are guides on how to use the forum.

Please familarise yourself with the forum rules before making your first post: these are avaliable at the top of the main forum page.

Please introduce yourself in the new members forum : you will find a topic titled introduce yourself for this purpose.

You are welcome to add a picture of your van in the T4 forums photo & images forums: details on how to post a picture and setting them out can be found in the forum guides in that section.

Please do ask any questions that you have but as a forum we would appreciate if you searched for the answers to your question first, as we have covered many T4 related subjects.

Please ensure that you post in the correct topic section:

Rule of thumb on making a post:

If I want to chat about what I did to my van, I'll go to T4 Chat or the technical forums.

If I want to chat about what I did with my van, I'll go to the pub.

The Pub is for any General non T4 related topics.

General T4 chat is for T4 related topics that are of a non technical nature.

The technical areas are for any technical enquiries related to their topic heading.

If no technical forum is avaliable for your topic then please post in general technical.

Please title your post correctly as vague or open descriptions decrease the effiency of the forums search engine.

Please do not add pictures into your signature as this disrupts the viewing of the forum.

Please ensure that any avatar you choose is suitable for a site that is viewable by minors.

We understand that as a new user of this forum or if you are new to forums in general, then it is likely that you will need some time to become familiar with the forum; in order to allow you some room to experiment if you have under 25 posts then any mistakes in your postings are forgiven and you will be gentle offered advice on editing your post to meet the criteria of the forum, after 25 posts you will be considered as an experienced forum users and be expected to be able to have conducted a search and to post in the relevant topic areas.

To get you started, we have incuded a number of topics in this forum, that we feel may be of use to a new owner, please feel free to have a look.

These include:

T4 Dimensions

2.5TDI Blue Eye vs Silver Eye - Differences ??

200,000 miles?

Which Manual?

How many miles to a tankful?

Top speed?

We hope to be able to help you answers any T4 related questions that you have and it is well worth trying a search on any questions that you have: as many topics have been discussed before and there is a wealth on information in the VWT4 Forums archives.

When your happy feel free to post any outstanding questions you have in one of the Technical forums or if it's a general enquiry about T4's, in the T4 chat area.

If you are after general chat about what people use their T4's for the pub is the best enviroment.

If you are looking to buy or researching the different types of T4's then it well worth attending one of the forums regional meetings: to get an overview of the marque and the owners views.

Whatever stage your at with your research or development of your T4:

Welcome to the VWT4 Forum!
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