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Well been busy on the van doing the following:

- EGR plate block off, cleaning intercooler and general de-gunging
- De-Cat exaust Pipe

I am slightly dissapointed as I know my van I've been driving it over 2.5 years and I know where its power is and where it lacks. Having done the above mods I am finding well, pretty much NO difference! I will give it a bit more time but it was always running well and sufficient power as 102hp. I bought the decat pipe from EternalCar on ebay as recommended by others and is a central silencer and was a bitch to fit due to rusty old bolts and poor access under the van. Also seperating the down pipe/central silencer from the Cat was near impossible as they well fused togther with rust and heat.

The EGR is cheap and probably worth doing from point of Projekt Power but not sure if really increases much, I was expecting a noticable difference. But no change I am sorry to report.

Well anyway cheap mods just a bit of hard work and bashed up knuckles but guess its all good experience and quality time with the Van! T:

I think the only way is Remap and Injector nozzles from Rake! Just need the cash though

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Hi there,

Indeed all good mods in combination but yes, they dont add much power without the other tweaks too.

The good thing is that the flow through the exhaust should be better, and the inlet should not gunk up so bad and hopefully clear in the future with the EGR block, and as you say, you get to be up close and personal with your ride !


Ron. :ILU:
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