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Thought I'd firstly say thanks to everyone who has posted advice on here regarding overheating and how to solve it its been a great help!

My 1993 2.4d t4 decided to overheat last week, managed to get it home, no fans working and no obvious water pipes leaking so I looked on here and pieced together various posts to eliminate the problem....

1) checked the fuses and yep one had gone
2) changed the thermostat and yep that had gone
3) filled and bled system....overheated again....no fans cutting in and water coming from somewhere
4) checked thermo switch with by pass and one fan working one not...changed thermo switch just for the hell of it
5) relay was working as could hear it clicking so no need to change
6) decided when changing thermo switch to put rad in service position for access...so now the grill is off
7) checked wiring for fan that wasn't working....wires had been cut :* Re-wired and what do you know...worked lovely
8) filled and bled system again (still with grill off this time) and realised my hip was getting wet :eek: and what would you know....had a bliming pin prick hole right at the top of radiator that was jetting all the water out! Would not have even seen it if the grill etc was put back in!

So...its new radiator now going in tomorrow and lots of stuff done along the way but hopefully will solve the problem...I guess we will see ;)
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