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Looking at the small reference table at the bottom, the assumption here is that the speaker impedance is 4 ohms; (it usually is for the fronts, but I have on occasions seen 8 ohm speakers here).

Assuming that you do have 4 ohm speakers, what do you want the cut-off frequency to be. If you're using 220uF as in the example your exact cut-off frequency will actually be (assuming my maths is correct; see HPF equn.: 1/(2 x pi x R C), where C if the capacitor value and R is the impedance of the speaker in this case) a little over 180Hz. Your choice basically depends on the value you want and in turn finding the closest value to the exact calculated capacitance.

As for whether it's worth it, I reckon it's a preference thing really. Do you have any other speakers capable of handling the lower end (sub, mid ranges...etc)? If so, I'd say yes. That being said, even though you are removing the low end from the speakers, you could save them if the volume is accidentally cranked past the point of no return for said speakers.

I hope that made sense, I definitely started to ramble after a while...
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