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Here we are then...

After many hours of working out just how to go about doing these, it's all done.
A bit of faffing, a tad cursing, £22 on ebay and I'm well happy with the results.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm isn't matched with my ability to take photo's of lights, in the dark! I've done the best I can for now, you'll just have to believe me when I tell you they're really bright white and look the mutts nuts!:cool:

What do you think.........?


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It was only after I'd finished putting it all back together, I realised I should have taken a 'step-by-step' set of pics for everybody else to use.........Doh!

If I do anybody elses for them, I'll be sure to take some snaps as I go.

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Ok, so here goes......

Getting it out

Wheels off
Arch Liners off
Grill off
Bumper off
Headlights out
Remove from the light: Mounting Brackets, the screw that holds the halves together(next to the indicator bulb fitting)off, headlight & indicator bulbs.

Stripping the light

Clips that secure the light halves together (x4) off
Pair of gloves and a polyfilla type metal scraper at the ready
Pre-heat the oven, gas mark 2
Headlight in the oven! (Mrs Drifterman saying "what the hell are you doing?!?")

4 minutes later....

Gloves on, headlight onto the workbench:

Using the scraper, start to work your way around the light, prising the 2 halves apart. you'll be surprised how little effort you need really.

Fitting the LED's

When apart, decide where you want the lights to go. I stuck mine on the reflector thats attached to the lens. To do this, you need to remove the reflector from the lens, cut it(to get a really good finish) and glue the led strip to it (I used etch primer to key the chrome, followed by superglue, witha bead of hot-melt glue on the back to make ultra sure the bugger doesn't come off!).


Put the reflector back into the lens
Thread the power cables for the LED's through the other half of the light
Very carefully, push the 2 halves of the light together (the sealant will still be very sticky)
Put the 4 clips back on to secure it
I then used a bead of silicone sealant to make sure it ain't going to leak


I chose to wire mine up as sidelights (If you want 'running lights', you'll just connect it to an accessory power supply and that'll be it).
In the back of the light, snip the sidelight wires just before the original bulb.
Making sure you get the polarity correct (trial and error's the way), solder the LED wies to the headlight supply for sidelights.

Putting it all back together is the exact reverse of stripping it down.:D

As I hadn't done it before, this job took me about 6 hours. That did include a lot of time pondering the best (and best looking) way to put them in there. I'm confident that I could comfortably do it from start to finish in 3 hours next time.. . . . . do I want to do it again?!?

This would probably make a lot more sense if I'd had the pics, sorry about that. I hope it helps, or at least gives anyone considering it and insight. You don't need to be a master of mechanics to do theis job, just patient..........

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