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Do you want a list of everything that goes wrong regularly and/or to soon or a list of design faults ?

Most vehicles have bad points ,inherently bad design or built in obsolescence .

A list would obviously be interesting but probably better would be a vote/suggestion campaign from the forum users for the most wanted stickys in the tech section.

The t4s are old now and will be having the normal wear and tear probs , as well as the problems peculiar to the van , but some will have flown through the years with relatively few problems ,due to good basic maintenance ,low/type of usage and the luck maybe of getting a good un in the first place.

While not complaining about how the forum is run ( personally I am made up that there is this facility online run by knowledgeable and competent people ) I would like the info collected together in more easily findable sections .

I don't know anything about the structure of a web site and how hard or easy it is to manipulate info stored on one ,maybe its just to difficult/time consuming so fair enough ,this is just my perfect world scenario .

I do think people should title their posts better so that the heading actually refers to the problems more clearly to facilitate easier searches ( I am guilty of not doing this myself).

Dont get me wrong the forum is great ,and the people running it already do a great job of keeping it informative ,lighthearted and matey and must have to dedicate a fair amount of time to it just so me and people like me can dip in whenever.

Maybe time for a spring clean ,or just tell me to sod off :)

Any way thanks for providing a valuable resource ,and all the best to everyone on it for the New Year.T:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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