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I am 'thinking' about selling my T4 (due to the immanent arrival of my first born!) , and want to get an idea of what sort of price to put her up for. Having had a quick look the prices range from 2k to 5k dependant on the spec, any thoughts welcome:

White T4 LWB 2.5tdi 180k miles with a new MOT. Paintwork in reasonable condition. The back has an L-shaped day bed, that pulls out to a double bed. Storage over the wheel arch, and under the bed (I can fit a 9'2 longboard and two short boards (fins off) under the bed). There is also a rack for windsurfing/kiteboarding gear. A couple of the panels are insulated but not all. The inside is in good condition. Its a great surf van, that I have been using for the past 6 years.

The engine starts well, and pulls well. Will happily sit at 80mph, and I get good mpg out it.

Great van, would welcome any thoughts on what sort of price I should expect to get for her.

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