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Getting my bandies going on soon (currently in the loving care of uncle Colese) - and gonna have a naughty bit of rude stretchypoo on the tyres.

Now the... I'd love some 16" stainless steel embellisher/beauty rings but they be bloomin' expensive! So then I thouhgt, some contrast colour rim protectors for a flash of colour on the edges and hopefully help protect the precious power coat a bit.

But even this option seems to vary lots in product and price. So far looking at these options:





Rimblades, Rimbands and Alloygators all seem much of a muchness are they? The Rim Ringz seems a more substancial productc... just wondering how these would sit on a steelie rim with stretched tyres though.

Anyone got any knowledge or opinions?:*

Cheers all:D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts