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On my last t5 I went for just lowering springs and 20'. It looked ok but drove .

For this van I want to slam it on 20's but will be towing a caravan at some point and also loading it with about 250kg in back plus people.

So I was thinking of coilovers on the fronts and air bags for the rear, I would only want like the AA used (or so I thought they had a valve where the rear bags could be blown up?) so I could set the level depending on if it's empty, loaded or pulling caravan.

Can't justify full bag set up as it will never be a show van but I'd have to a full coilovers kit plus the bags for the rear then have spare rear springs.

Has anyone done this setup?

I've looked on airrides and they want 600 for bag setup but 2 bags and an air line can't be that much.

Anyone know where to get them rear bags cheap? Also would they go lower enough to match a big drop on the front?
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