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Hello forum members,

I was looking for some info on what to look out for on a 2.5tdi auto gearbox? Yes I'm not overly keen on an auto as my Doka is manual but my wife passed on an auto. I wanted it for a camper conversion.

We got back from having a look at one today but it had a few too many scratches on it for my liking and for what he was asking. He also said he has the oil changed every 10-15000 km which is too high I think for a tdi.

Also when I lifted the bonnet and had a look around the boost pipe from turbo to intercooler had some oily sludge on it and where it had dripped onto the crank case breather pipe below. Makes me wonder if oil is coming from the turbo seals because of higher oil change intervals?

He also said that it's cambelt snapped at 130,000 km and said there was nothing damaged when I asked.

On the plus side it had windows all round. Aircon blows cold. Engine sounds good, no noises from cv joints etc. Gearbox changes smooth. No rust on body work.

So any help on what to look for would be appreciated T:

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