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What are THE single most important items to check / watch out for when contemplating a T4? Obviously rust is a huge issue on some of these, but as a potential new owner what are some of the quirk and nuisances you wish you had checked before taking the plunge?

I don't have a colossal budget, but I'd really like a healthy mechanical and body base as I am in no rush to "convert." Do you think this is attainable for £3-£4k (or less)? I don't mind cosmetics too much, I can sort that myself. I can't confess to knowing much about the units in them, I run an AJM PD115 as a daily and do all my own maintenance and love how cheap and simple they are to extract big miles out of, are these TD and TDI units similar?

Thanks all, have a good evening.

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As you've already mentioned....RUST.
They all rust, but to be expected on a van between 17 and 27 years old!
As for engines, they all seem reliable.
The 1.9 is very under powered, but will run for ever.
The 2.4D is a "tractor"....again, sluggish, but goes on and on.
1.9TD and TDi conversions are reliable.
The 2.5TDi (in my opinion) Is the best (especially the 102 version, but the 88 is easy to upgrade)...AS LONG AS IT IS SERVICED!
Main point is the timing belts/pulleys on the 2.5s....failure here could cost more than your current budget to fix.

Rusty wheel arches may not look like much work, until you find the inner arches are like a spiders web.
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