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Hello people, a bit of advise if poss.
Im a self employed man with a quiet phone at the mo..
Just incase it doesnt sort itself out,
was wondering what my pride & joy is worthb4 the wife departs...
Black lwb 174 T5
Not a sportsline, but i think its got more spek than them,
as i ticked all....... the boxes when i ordered it from dealers.
6 seat full leather.
57 plate with 32,ooo miles... shes clean..
Sunroof, abs-esp everything i think.
I debadged it front n rear with a nice grill,
Put a set of wheels on it, and obviously had to lower it.
Beautifull.... in my opinion.
Kenwood touch screen, sat nav, ipod, dvd, phone.. u get the picture.
had to install the sounds to suit with 2x screens fitted in leather rear head rests.
Im not clued up being able to show u current pics,
but got mate 2 show it off previously in team black section,
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