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Our 2018 Caddy Life 1.4TSI came with 205/55/16 steel wheels. I was surprised, as I was expecting 195/65/15, as per a previous 102 diesel I had been looking at.

Having been caught out by snow today, while driving highly-rated Continental TS860 Winter tyres, which proved unable to gain traction on a snowy hill, I would like to consider moving to narrower, taller wheels and tyres in future.
It always seems to me that narrower tyres: a) give a more comfortable ride, b) give better economy, c) last longer, d) cost less, and e) grip better in snow.

So, I always wonder why folk fit fat, low-profile tyres in the first place! https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/images/smilies/confused.gif However, that's what I'm stuck with at present.

My question is - would 195/65/15 wheels fit my TSI?

I spoke to our local garage, who said the TSI's brake calipers measured 312mm rather than the 288mm of the 102 Caddy, so they guessed 15 inch wheels wouldn't fit. But it was only a guess - does anyone out there know for sure?
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