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My 2003 2.5TDi in 2009 just after i got her back from the window and seat conversion. Before my little girl was born, when i still had time to wash and polish her. I bought the van in 2006 with 28000 miles . With a baby on the way i needed extra seats to fit the misses and 2 children in the van. Work used to be her sole purpose, until the misses and kids poked there noses in.

ebay £10.50 2nd hand rhino roof rack fitted. Stickers are constantly been changed. Roof rack has been fantastic, full sheets of MDF, plasterboard, furniture , last used to bring home new mattresses for for me and the children(special offer at Makro). Had them stacked high.

When i got her back from having the windows and seats fitted. It was a few weeks before i fitted the floor. We had a day out, the Boy was sick in the back, it sloshed under the ply. I had to rush home, remove the ply clean up and then bought industrial lino.

Industrial lino fitted in the back, up the sides and sealed with grey silicone. The childrens drinks and sick can slosh around in the back and easily be cleaned up. Seat covers on to protect them from the messy children. This is tidy usually i cant see the floor for tools and stuff.Stuff everywhere all the time.

Rear view of the Van. Bott racking bought off ebay for £100, it came out of a coca-cola service vehicle. Electricians stuff in the back, children in the middle and adults upfront. The Bott racking is the best i have come across

I converted it to a camper for a bit. 3 hobs,oven, sink, fridge freezer and washing machine. So easy to use a baby can work it.

The camper conversion. It was when we moved house, popped the seats out (left the racking in)and the van moved everything. Took 6 or 8 trips (mabey a couple extra trips to get some other bits), luckily we only moved a few streets. Van has the latest dirt and dented door conversion. Its all the fashion. 6 years ago all the panels were perfect, now i think 2 are good :(. But if you look at it from the drivers side at the front and stand back 10 meters it looks perfect, on a cloudy day. :) :) :) :D
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