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... and others aren't?

There appears to be no distinction between those that are taxed as light goods vehicles and those that aren't - is it as random as it would seem?...

I have assumed that all Caravelles with up to 9 seats are classed as cars, which is great so far as the LEZ is concerned, but clearly some of you have Caravelles with 9 seats or less which are not, so they escape the high tax rates, but not the LEZ. If caravelles can be registered as light goods vehicles then why are Kombi's (whoops, Window Vans) being hit with high rates of car tax?

This may well be legitimate, as large cars (MPV's and 4x4's) are considered as light goods vehicles for emissions purposes until September 2009 - yet I doubt very much if they were ever registered as goods vehicles (or have we stumbled across a loop hole in the law, shhhh?)...


could it be that light goods vehicle (N1) may have been logged by sales departments in order to manipulate bonus sales targets?

A clear picture of what is actually happening on the ground would be very much appreciated - if only to see if no hard fast pattern emerges...
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