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I recently bought a set of fitted curtains for the sliding door window on my T4. They came from a well known supplier who is on the forum. I brought them with some other items and was really happy with the quick delivery and service. I read one of the guides on here about how to fit them and it all seemed pretty straightforward T:

However when I came to actually fit them I realised that bending a u shaped metal channel to fit to the curved contours of the window frame ..would be a massive ball ache!!

Despite being a skilled DIY'er and found it extremely difficult to bend then rails to the exact shape of the window. I used a soft mallet and protected the rails with card however I got kinks and narrowing of the aperture so that the sliders of the curtain were then difficult to slide through??:(

I did manage to get the curtains mounted and they don't look too bad, but the curtains hide the badly bent rails (thankfully) and I am not happy with the result as I like my work to be perfect!

It begs the question as to why the people who supply the curtains cannot supply them with pre-bent rails that perfectly match the curves of the window??

For the money they charge it seems ridiculous that you have to risk damaging the item by bending what is effectively a U shaped metal channel?

Don't think I will be buying anymore :(
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