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I was up in Thurso for a surfing trip last weekend. It was blowing an absolute gale. I made the mistake of opening my car door - with 2 hands on the handle - but I was still rather swiftly shot out of the van.

Unfortunately the bracket that stops the door from swinging through 90° was snapped and the door looks like its dropped about 10mm. To be honest I will give most fix up jobs a shot but it usually takes me a couple of cracks!

So what I need to know is

1/ Where can I get a replacement bracket from?


2/ How do I replace the bracket?


3/ Is it possible that I could bend or otherwise straighten my door back to the correct position?

Thanks very much!
The part you need is the check strap, you need to remove the door card to fit it, not sure about your door without seeing it.
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