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We supply and fit both genuine VW and quality non-genuine windows. All our glass is also available in the webshop as supply only.

We have literally thousands of £s worth of windows in stock ready to fit! All window fitting carried out competent staff, trained body technicians. We provide and fit edging trim if required, thus ensuring no sharp edges are visible and leaving a much neater finish. See Windows available to order.

Our glass conforms with the European safety mark E 43R. This has an advantage over the British Standard BS857 in that it can be used in all European countries. We only sell glass that we are happy to use on our own vans.

Our privacy glass is proper factory tinted glass, the tint is in the glass not a film 80% Dark (20%Light Transmission Value). The glass is designed specifically for van conversions, with a wider black band at edge to hide the internal framework associated with a van conversion. NOTE: Genuine Glass does not have a sufficiently wide black band to hide the internal framework hence our preference for these windows.

Pre booking for windows fitting is essential and we will need your vehicle for a full day, although we recommend overnight. If your vehicle is a T4 then we will need your vehicle overnight. Don’t be fooled by fitters who promise your vehicle back within a couple of hours, we refuse to compromise on safety.

Prices quoted are to fit windows, bear in mind that there may be an additional charge based on hourly rate if we have to remove internal panels, bulkheads, ply-lining, floors etc in order to access the window framework. We need access both internally and externally.

Click Here for Glass Prices
Call for a quote or to reserve a fitting slot.
Cheers Karen :)
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