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Best T4 - "CW03 FXT"

Best T5 - "T5 RHW"

Best Working Project - "J4S FU" - Pic Required

Furthest Driven - "Demolition Man, Belgium/Holland"

Had to get this pic early as they had to catch a ferry early in the morning

Most outstanding member of 2014 - "Meatball"

Best Regional Section - "Moles"

Best "Vansee" Dress - "Ghostbusters" Native Dwarf

Fancy Dress – Cider-Man (KitVan) Pic Required ?

Best T4/T5 Ted outfit - "Ski Dudes" with the Eiffel Tower Scene

Big Thanks to:

Steve and Scott for Car park Duties
Scott and Becs for supplying the Ice-cream
Leanne Furley for the Face Painting
All the Traders for supporting the event
A-plan Dan for the Prize Drawer

Everyone who came along and supported the event, really makes it worth while seeing so many people enjoy themselves.

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Nice one, is there an equivalent show in Belgium ? Looking for events for next year already ... :cool:
No , currently there are no T4/T5 shows in Belgium anymore :( Some years ago there was a yearly T4 show (I was one of the organisers) , but now we have to go to Germany or the UK ...
(I make the trip from Belgium to the UK about 6-7 times yearly, to visit the shows :D )
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