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Hi folks
I've got an ex AA T5 on an 06 plate. Been having problems with the wipers on and off. Occasionally they just switch off and won't come back on. WHen this first happened they came back on after a while and worked as if nothing had gone wrong. This happened a couple of times and then has been okay for over a year until a couple of weeks ago. In light rain, heavy traffic, stop starting the wipers etc (you know the scene) they went again and wouldn't work. So I took it to an independent VW garage and asked if they could change the switch. I said they probably wouldn't find anything wrong with it but that I couldn't trust it. Got back after a day at work to be told they'd tested the switch and wiring, and motor and couldn't find anything wrong but were 90% sure it was the central electric on board supply unit (whatever that is- another black box!). Quoted me £459 to do it. I know, I should have told them that they should've changed the switch but I didn't so I've got to move on from that.
Does anyone know if I can bypass the switch in any way to get a direct on/off when the main switch decides to have an off day? It does seem to come back of its own accord but will inevitably catch me out from time to time. If I can put a by pass in place as a stand by and still operate the main stem switch normally when it's working then that would be ideal but I'd like to know if it's possible without major surgery and without endangering any of the other electrics.
Also, are there any wiring diagrams on the internet for this model? Can anyone post me a link, please?
Does anyone think this is likely to be the Central electric on board supply unit and is that a reasonable price for fitting and supplying such a thing? I don't want to fork out all that cash unless absolutely necessary. Nothing else seems to be affected. I hope someone can help.
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