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Hello everyone! T:

Having recently bought a T5.1 Kombi with the intention of using it for the occasional trip away I’ve been planning out all the bits I need to do.
My first task is to insulate/carpet line along with the addition of a leisure battery and some lights.

I’d like 6 LED downlights in the back which will be dimmable by a switch (all driven by the leisure battery).
When I’m not camping I’d like two of the lights to come on when the doors are opened (powered by the original light circuit off the vans battery). I will be removing the two original factory lights in the rear completely.

I have a bit of experience with car wiring but I was wondering if there were any electrical boffins out there that can let me know if I’ve made any obvious mistakes with the wiring diagram I’ve drawn up?

The general idea is, 4 LED lights only powered by dimmer switch and leisure battery. 2 LED lights connected to a 2 position 2 pole switch which will take power from the dimmer switch/leisure battery and ground via dimmer switch in one position and power from the original lighting circuit and ground (through the original circuit) back to the convience module (so that they come on with the doors) in the second position.

I have drawn the lights wired in parallel as I think this is the right way for a dimmer circuit?

The dimmer switch I’m looking at is this (or similar). https://www.atenlighting.co.uk/dimmer-switchb.html

(Apologies for the quality of the picture. It doesn’t seem to have uploaded in a particularly high resolution)

Thanks for the help!


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