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Hello all

I have only recently jointed this forum a big hello to all of you.

I am messeging you all for sunny Australia..

I got a 1997 vw transporter 2.5 petrol which I have had for the last 4 months..

I use it for my paramotoring flying..

Over the last 2 weeks two problems have got allot worse I dont think its related..

One is a annoying rattle from the exhaust.. I beleive its the downpipe heatshield rattling as I just replaced the cat converter.

The rattle is not there when I start the car it will come on after about 5 min of me driving the van.. Very annoying..

Any ideas how to fix..

Next up there seems to be a problem with the fuel pump....

When you turn the key the feul pump kickes in yes/no

When I have being driving my van for over a hour when I got to start my van the engine will not start it will kick over but will not fire, I have to pump the accerator it will grumble then fire up..

WHen I start the van cold I can hear the fuel being pumped and it will start no problems. Its only when I have being driving for ages it has this problem..

Next up is I normally service my car myself but the VW spark plugs look like a bit of mission to change has anyone got any tips on this one. Is there a easy way to do this..

Thanks in advance.


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Have you discovered the radiator leans out on a set of hinges to get to the plugs easier?

I know the heatshield rattle you speak of, i had a this and it turned out to be a stone jammed in the heatshield, prized it out, rattle gone. Of course you can get the CAT (catalytic converter) breaking up aswell, can cause a loud in.

Not sure about the fuel pump, possible a relay or connection?

Welcome to the forum :)
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