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Hi Guys

I have a noise which I expect to have to go to a mechanic to get sorted, but if I can't narrow it down that would be good.

The noise appears to be coming from the drivers side front wheel (difficult to be 100% certain tho)
You can hear it at around 30mph and above, a womp womp womp noise rater than a constant drone which speeds up as the van does.
If I coast in neutral with the clutch down & switch the engine off the noise stays the same.
I've checked & swapped the wheels but the noise is the same.

Would be grateful of any help

Cheers, Len

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Sounds stupid but have you checked the tyre? What wheels are you running? Could just be a flat spot or a side wall buldge?

Another Simple fix would be to check ya nuts :eek: and also your brakes on that side.

I would also check your belts and drive shaft.

Hope you get to the bottom of it :ILU:
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