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WTD Wiring loom instrument cluster with green and blue plugs part no D971051 e

Hi guys

my van details: t4 2.5 tdi 88 bhp 1999

i am after the wiring loom that connects the instrument cluster (clock set/speed/rev counter etc)

the loom i am after has a part number D971051 e (superseeded number D971051 ae)(date on loom 1998)

now i am after this due to one of my wires in that loom has come away from where it is sposed to be, as in out of the plug that more than likely goes into the fuse box or a plug near the fuse box

if someone has this loom and does not want to part with it no problem could they simply get in touch and tell me where the purple wire goes to.

the purple wire starts in the green plug up at the instrument cluster and then goes down to the fuse box area

if someone has one for sale i will buy it if needs be

hope someone can help, if u have a van of the same year and have the clocks out so u can have a look then this will be completely mega lol

thanks in advance

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