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Afraid this is yet another T5 "faulty central locking" thread but would love to speak to anyone with similar experiences that can help me diagnose. I've read through almost every other thread on different locking issues and am none the wiser. Add to that the new problem which started today and you've got me standing outside in the cold this evening trying to replicate each problem so I can list them and consult the experts...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I thought it worked:
  • 1 press = deadlock, blinking red light on drivers side lock.
  • 2 presses = disables deadlock so doors can be opened from inside, flashing light goes off.
In no particular order, all of the intermittent locking problems that my 2011 T5.1 has. They occur randomly, depending on which side of the bed the van woke up on that morning...
  1. When unlocking the van on the remote, sometimes the side door doesn't unlock first time. Requires a lock/unlock cycle again.
  2. When locking the van, if the key is pressed twice, the side door unlocks itself and anyone can get in. I'm constantly double checking the side door. I've seen threads online about this issue going back as far as the introduction of the T5.
  3. When locking the van, 1 press gives a solid red light. After about 10-20 seconds, it eventually turns to flashing red. The side door can still be opened from the inside(!). All doors are locked from the outside.
  4. When locking the van, 2 presses of the key achieves the same result as 1, solid eventually turning to flashing after a while.The side door can still be opened from the inside. All doors are locked from the outside.
  5. When inside the van and locking from the buttons on the driver's side door panel, the van refuses to lock. It locks and immediately cycles through to unlock again.

I've been grappling with 1-4 for the last year, but 5 was a new one this morning. By this afternoon, that had 'fixed' itself and the van locks from the buttons on the drivers door again.

To me, problems 1-4 point to a problem with the side door locking mechanism - which is causing problems with the central locking.. is this feasible? The addition of no. 5 this morning makes me think it could also be electrical. All of the locking mechanisms/solenoids appear to activate by listening to them.

Things I've considered based on reading around:
  • Digging out the wiring loom under the drivers seat and checking for the corroded wire that so many T5s suffer with
  • Replacing the control unit altogether
  • Tearing apart the side door locking mechanism
Anyone able to offer some advice before I rip everything out? Appreciate anything from "have you tried this" to "I am a T5 locking expert and you clearly have this problem, idiot"

My immediate questions are:

- Are all of these problems likely to be caused by the same thing, or has it got a handful of things wrong with it?
- What does the solid red light that eventually starts flashing mean?


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I would definitely start with the side door because that business of unlocking on the second press is a known fault that almost always gets cured by changing the offending lock. It's most common on rear barn doors I think. That might fix the other problems too but the internal button and the solid red light are odd. Nevertheless I would start with the obvious and see what happens..

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Wow, I’ve read this and have almost all the same issues as you, but in particular the issue with the side door sometimes not unlocking without another cycle or not locking and can still be opened.. (promptly followed by the alarm triggering).

My sliding door handle needs replacing so thought I should replace the internal locking mechanism as well and hope it fixes itself?

Wasn’t sure what part numbers etc I need to get though and I’d image it’s a ball ache to get into the space to do it.

But super keen to hear how you get on as well?

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